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Below are some of my favourite resources.  I know people want to find out the best information they can on sexual health and the internet can be a difficult place to navigate when one puts “sex” in the search engine.  They are good sources of information, however, if you have concerns about your health, please discuss your concerns with a health care professional.

  • Have questions about HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health?  Call the Sexual Health InfoLink on 1800 451 624 or shil.nsw.gov.au.  A great resource for the community and health care professionals.
  • Talk soon.Talk often, a book written to help parents navigate some of those ‘tricky’ conversations with their kids…right from the start. A great resource for parents.
  • For information about vulvovaginal disorders and links to other excellent resources try http://anzvs.org/patient-information/
  • For a wide variety of reliable information on Women’s sexual health try https://www.fpnsw.org.au/factsheets/individuals
  • Andrology Australia is a fantastic source of information on Men’s Sexual Health.
  • TransHub transhub.org.au is a digital information and resource platform for all trans and gender diverse people, loved ones, allies and health providers.