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Research Involvement

Dr Eva Jackson is the NBM site Principle Investigator for
  • AHOD – Australian HIV Observation Database
  • ACCESS – Australian Collaboration Chlamydia Enhanced Sentinel Surveillance Access project
  • EPIC – Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities in NSW
  • CEASE – Control and Elimination within Australia of hepatitis C in people living with HIV.
Contribution to scientific Articles
  • “High Rates of Sexually transmitted infections in HIV-positive patients in the Australian HIV Observation Database – a prospective cohort study.” Sexual Health 2014; 11(4): 291-297. 
  • “What proportion of sexually transmissible infections and HIV are diagnosed in New South Wales’ public sexual health services compared with other services?”. Sexual Health 2013; 10(2) 119-123. 
  • “Accessibility and acceptability of public sexual health clinics for adult clients in New South Wales, Australia.” Sexual Health 2008; 5(3) 305-306.